Making sure that you get paid as a musician or band


Musicians or bands can often find themselves chasing down venues and promoters for a long time for payment. This can be very hard for musicians who tend to not earn that much annually and have their own expenses including crew wages and transportation costs.  Here are some tips to make sure you are paid on time.  Discuss your payment requirements when you take on the gig It can be tempting to get so excited when you get a high profile gig to put off talk of payment until a later date.

20 June 2016

When to hire a quantity surveyor


Hiring a quantity surveyor is not something a lot of people are thinking about doing when they're dealing with property investments. However, hiring one can help you lower your taxes for the property and help you get a clear image over the running costs of the property while you own it. There are a few situations where quantity surveyors are pretty much necessary for you to get the best service and results possible.

28 March 2016