Top Four Reasons Your Tech Startup Needs a Professional Payroll Accountant

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With tax laws, human resource issues, and labor laws compliance hot on the heels of many technological startups, you should consider hiring a professional accountant to take care of your payroll. Furthermore, payrolls can be time-consuming and complicated for an ordinary tech-savvy individual. Would it also be nice for you to concentrate on your core business of developing apps or programming and let an expert do the payroll for you? If you want to avoid tax penalties, here are a few reasons your tech startup needs a payroll expert.

On-Time Payments -- When in business, your reputation is of utmost significance, especially for a startup. A payroll expert will help you avoid the nasty reputation of being late on your bills. Late payment of bills is likely to ruin your business or even personal relationships. A professional accountant will allow you to strengthen these relationships by paying your employees and suppliers on time, thus opening doors for more business.  

Tax Compliance -- Many employers and businesses pay tax penalties related to payrolls because they fail to comply with all tax obligations. If you want your tech startup to avoid these fines, then hiring a professional accountant should be a priority. Moreover, you should note that when processing payrolls through the in-house option, you are likely to get a penalty notice related to non-compliance tax, and thus, all the more reason to hire an expert.

Time-Consuming -- Most tech startups are often busy developing new technology and applications. A payroll, although time-consuming, is a very high priority objective for your business if you wish to remain afloat. If you have many employees and suppliers, the time spent on preparing payrolls is likely to increase. Therefore, if you want to focus on your core business, an accountant will be helpful in making payrolls while you make more money churning out new technology.

Compliance with Human Resource Needs -- Every startup should stay ahead of the evolving human resource and labor laws needs. A professional accountant knows how to respond to these requirements. For instance, they know how to deal with interns, contractual employees, and permanent employees regarding relevant Australian labor laws. It is obligatory for all employers to adhere to the Fair Work Commission's directives on issues of minimum wage and other entitlements. A payroll accountant is fit to help your startup comply with this commission's regulations and those of other regulatory bodies. 

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19 July 2016

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